Denomination: Nazarene
1 volume

The Church of the Nazarene formed between 1907 and 1908 as congregations and lay devotional societies across the country joined together to pursue Christian perfection. The concept of Christian perfection first appeared in second-century Christian writings and periodically resurfaced among later theologians, including Methodist founder John Wesley (1703–1791). Gaining prominence in Canada and the United States in the 1860s and 1870s, this “holiness doctrine” eventually influenced the thought and practice of established Anabaptist, Methodist, and Quaker churches. Gospel hymn lyrics, often written from the perspective of believers, were the perfect vehicle for Nazarene teachings on spiritual formation and devotion. Congregational song continues to play an important role in Nazarene worship where music is understood as both spiritual gift and opportunity for the sharing of personal testimonies. The Nazarene headquarters and publishing operations have straddled the Missouri-Kansas border since 1912.

—Erin Fulton

New Songs of the Old Faith, No. 1

  • Author: Haldor Lillenas, E. W. Petticord, Kenneth Wells, George D. Reep, Henry B. Wallin, C. C. Reinbarger, Jarrette E. Aycock, D. S. Corlett, John E. Moore,…
  • Published: 1925
  • Publisher: Lillenas Publishing Company
  • Publication City: Kansas City, Missouri
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